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Dubai Harbour: Emaar Beach Vista : Possibly the most exciting launch since the Palm Jumeirah

Emaar Beach Vista at Dubai Harbour: Is it worth Investing in?

As a Palm Jumeirah enthusiast it would be fair to accuse me of being a little blinkered when it comes to Dubai real estate. My love for the Palm started in 2003 and since then we have become well known for having a very strong hold on the resale and off plan markets on the illustrious Palm island.

For years I’ve been accused of getting a nose bleed if I venture off the island. Well everybody I think times are changing and my head has been turned.

There is a new project about to be released and although there is limited information as yet I have to say that it looks to be an absolute cracker!



The Project 

This project is going to be on a large scale with everything from a Cruise terminal  to the usual Mall and retail outlets we have become accustomed to.

The Cruise Terminal itself will with have a capacity of over 1.2m passengers per year so you can imagine how busy the retail areas are going to be.

It will also be home to the largest marina in the MENA providing berths for the regions super yachts with its 1,100 moorings.

The  Mall is said to be 3,500,000 sq ft which believe me is a big one and will rival the  Mall of Emirates not forgetting that the new Nakheel Mall on the Palm Jumeirah is also due to be opening later this year.

Dubai Lighthouse

The Dubai lighthouse is without doubt going to be the centre piece of this bold development and will certainly become a tourist attraction in itself. Standing at 135m tall it will house a luxury hotel and be a centre for light shows throughout the year.

When looking at the mock up, that was displayed at Citiscape, it is clear that there is a section of the development for residential mid to high rise towers that is set upon a man made beach.

Anybody who has spoken to me over the past 10 years knows that I am a fan of the shoreline apartments on the Palm Jumeirah for one big reason. BEACH ACCESS. We all know that the shoreline was a little disappointing when handed over and we all expected a lot more in terms of the fit out. It would be hard to argue against that but the past 10 years has proven that location and beach access has been the key to the Shoreline’s success.

So now, for the first time since the Palm Jumeirah launch there are going to be properties released that have direct access to a beach.

You can see from this graphic that there will be a good stretch of beach for the residents and the ones on show will also have an amazing sunset view.

Depending on the price I think these apartments could be a good investment for the future as they tick all the boxes in terms of what we should be looking for in luxury real estate.

If anybody wants to discuss this further I would be delighted to have a chat.

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